Welcome Yanwen Chen from The first geological mineral exploration institute to be the committee member!

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Yanwen Chen (Senior engineer)

The first geological mineral exploration institute of Gansu provincial geology and mineral bureau

Research Area: 

Geological survey and prospecting

Research Experience:

Since participating in the work, he has presided over 23 provincial, ministerial, national, and entrusted surveys and prospecting geological projects, involving gold, lead, zinc, copper, iron, etc., all of which have been accepted. And as the first author of the report, 23 geological reports have been prepared, of which 18 reports of mineral exploration have been evaluated and filed by the Provincial Mineral Resources Reserve Evaluation Center. He has completed 161 geological surveys, mineral surveys, and mineral exploration projects in China, including the Central Geological Survey Fund, China Geological Survey, Gansu Xinjiang Inner Mongolia Geological Survey Fund, cooperative survey, commissioned survey. Report up 3 large and medium-sized gold mines, 2 small and medium-sized copper mines, 1 medium-sized antimony mine, 4 mines, 9 mine-induced abnormalities, submitted 21 tons of gold metal, 1.9 mm of antimony metal, copper The amount of zinc metal is 3.1 millimeters; Through the project, he has trained 14 people responsible for the project and more than 20 senior engineers; and participate in engineering geological surveys and complete 8 independent reports. He has published 8 academic papers at provincial and ministerial levels, including Modern Geology, Gansu Science and Technology, Groundwater, Minerals and Geology, and Northwest Geology, among which there are 3 core journal monographs and 3 2 first authors and 3 second authors at the provincial and ministerial levels.