Welcome Prof. Xinfa Yang from Hainan Marine Geological Survey Bureau to be the committee member of ICGMRS 2020

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Prof. Xinfa Yang

Hainan Marine Geological Survey Bureau. China

Research Area:

Engineering Measurement, Marine Mapping

Research Experience:

He is the Deputy Secretary-General of Hainan Mapping and Geographical Information Surveying Association and a Registered Surveyor; presided over the completion of several large and medium-sized hydropower station surveys and Xisha marine surveying and mapping projects. He has won one of the First Prize and two of the Second Prizes of the Provincial Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology Progress Prize; two of the Third Prize of Provincial Natural Science Academic Achievement Award; one of Silver Award, and one of Bronze Award from China Geographic Information Industry Association Excellent Project; one Bronze Award from Excellent Surveying and Mapping Engineering Award of Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping; several First, Second, and Third Prizes from Hainan Outstanding Surveying and Mapping Engineering Award. Published more than 20 papers, and two of which are on national publication, more than 10 are with provincial publication. His published book CACIOfx4500P fx4800P Programming Collection for Measurement has a claimed circulation of more than 100,000. Yang Xinfa was a visiting Professor in the Northeastern Univeristy, Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology and other institutes; is currently a member of the experts database of the Hainan Surveying, Mapping, Transportation, Construction, Land, Marine, and etc. He is awarded with the honour of the Sixth Hainan Outstanding Science and Technology Worker.