Welcome Prof. Quazi K. Hassan from University of Calgary to be a technical committee member of ICGMRS 2020

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Prof. Quazi K. Hassan

University of Calgary, Canada

Research Area: 

Remote Sensing

Research Experience:

Dr. Quazi K. Hassan is a Professor of Earth Observation in the Department of Geomatics Engineering, and Centre for Environmental Engineering Research and Education (CEERE) at the University of Calgary. His research interests include: (i) application of remote sensing in forecasting and monitoring of natural hazards/disasters, such as forest fire, drought, and flooding; (ii) use of remote sensing and GIS techniques in understanding the dynamics of natural resources, such as forestry, agriculture, and water; and (iii) integration of remote sensing, GIS, and modelling techniques in addressing issues related to energy and environment. In addition, Dr. Hassan is currently serving the editorial board of Scientific Reports (Nature Publication Group), Remote Sensing (MDPI), and Royal Society Open Science (The Royal Society).